Happy New Year, 2017

वर्ष नव, उत्साह नव
जल्लोश का, उल्लास नव

बालू के प्रवाह का,
अंतरंग में विचार नव

गति के विपरीत मन का
स्थिरता का संकल्प नव

पराजय के विपर्याय को,
प्राप्त करने का निर्णय नव

सन्नाटे को चीरने का
ध्वनि का सतत प्रयास है
अविरल ऐसा ही प्रयत्न
करने का निश्चय नव

जीतने की होड़ से परे,
पथ-आनंद की प्रतीति नव

वर्ष नव, उत्साह नव
जल्लोश का, उल्लास नव


A Reverent Salute


Woven in the fabric of an (un?)grateful country

are the unspoken heroes’ tales

some find an honourable mention in citizens’memories

some rest in peace, while some live in gale


Few among the lot are mindful of the true value of their heroes’deeds

Few just wonder if anything can be done to support these superior men

Discipline, Bravery, Supreme Sacrifice, Undying Spirit, Valour are all their life’s beads

To be lucky to write a few words for them, is the desire of many a pen


As they days progresses and stars engulf the sky

These heroes are ever watchful for eyes who maliciously pry

Their gallantry is the spine of this great nation’s astute

My humble offering to them … a Reverent Salute !



P.S. This is a very humble and minuscule attempt to express my never-ending gratitude to the mighty supreme force that is the Indian Army.



It’s been 4 years …

It’s been 4 years since my last post. Thus said WordPress stats when I today sporadically discovered my blog and recovered my credentials.

I had been wanting to write something since quite some time now, but repeated encouragements from my family failed to make an impact on my dry phase. They got something moving though, some bells tinkling, some fingers typing away, some thoughts finding a way out in the internet sun.

So here I am, back after a quadrennium, and hopefully back for good !

Kaala Shanivar, Kathor Atyachaar aur Manaviyta pe Vaar

Little did she know that
a chance travel on a White Line
will push her into a black hole
and put a monotonous beep on her life line

They call her many names
each in an attempt to keep her alive
within their hearts and mind
as the channels broadcast live

Amidst all the pradarshans,
and all the naatak vimochans,
and all the aarops and pratyaropans,
and the pledges of “shun”s,
She left us all to mourn
on a journey to her Heavenly abode
countless eyes are wet and forlorn
if only anyone had forebode…

The ghastly turn of events
leaves an irreparable dent
The anger, cries, helplessness,
appears wasted before deafness

Kya tabhi jaagriti aaegi
Jab ek aur mahila
manav ke hridaypatal par
amit chaap chhod
haivaniyat ki bali chadh jaegi…

Happy Independence Day !

What do we really mean by independence, is it just another public holiday or do we really value the freedom that the brave amongst us clinched so that we could have a better life ?
Is it just about celebrating one day where we stand in attention beneath the tricolor and sing our national anthem and just be done with or it is about following the code of conduct all through our lives as well ?
The praise that our national anthem apparently doles out on our country, are we really letting our country remain as beautiful as that ?
I have always failed to understand the point wherein we break the traffic rules when the lives of fellow countrymen is in danger whereas we stop, although forcibly, when livestock is crossing the road, we spit on our roads, we urinate in public places instead of the urinals, we let our vices run amock, we smoke in public places (despite there being a law on paper against this), we bribe the “in-charge” officials to get our job done, we break the queues, we disrespect the elders, we steal, we rob, we commit many abhorable crimes and we think that if we just held our attention span for the 1 minute of the time the national anthem plays, we have discharged all our duties of being a responsible citizen of a free country.
They say our country is a developing country. Well, i don’t see any difference per se. Sure we are getting fancy phones, sure we are adopting the western culture more without truly safeguarding the diversity of our own culture, sure we are getting more and more materialistic, but that is no development. That’s just being selfish. The attitude is more of – so long as my work is getting done, i am good. So long as i am in a rush, i can break the traffic signal, what’s more, we even honk irritatingly at the people who actually are following the traffic rules.
We don’t respect our fellow humans, we are so INTO the hierarchy at work thing that we just disrespect all the persons who are by official designation subordinates to us. And then we wonder at the childhood days of innocence. Well, all was well during those days, right ? So, why choose to ignore when you are knowledgeable ? We crave for things to work smoothly, for administration to be efficient, for a smooth and hassle-free life. Well, are we doing our bit ? Are we being reasonably good, if not saint-like ?

The Test …

I was given a lesson to understand
The Test of Time, only the Brave withstand
It is your success to make you jolly
It is up to you to realize your folly

The test is hard, it ain’t easy
Some stains wash away, while some are greasy
Some learnings make you strong and bearing
Some learnings overpower you, they are overwhelming

You may not realize what the test has to offer
you think you are here, to live and prosper
The living should be good, not everyone may be prosperous
Some reasons seem valid, while some are just preposterous

You meet many people, you touch many lives
A breeze passes away, there are many beehives
The nectar is sweet, there is Hatred and Love
All things are just events, planned from Above !

Life moves on, you try to make a difference
Hours pass by, is there even the slightest reference ?
You smile many smiles, some real some fake
Just a curl of the lips, how long does it take

How many of those smiles, reach deep within ?
How many are by your side, through thick and thin ?
The questions are intriguing, something to ponder
Something to dig deeper, something to wonder

That is what the test puts forth
For you to be brave, to realize your worth
Success and Failure are Life’s part and parcel
Live a Content Life, Live Well O Mortal !